Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gideon a Good Fit for You?

Before you go further, ask yourself the following questions.  Opening your own Gideon center can be a profitable and rewarding business, but it is not for everyone.  Be honest with yourself whether this is the right plan for you and your family.

Do you enjoy working with children and families?

Working with children can be very gratifying.  You will need to be energetic and nurturing while also being prepared to lightly discipline to keep your center quiet and under control.  You should be a people person as parents will want conferences often about their child’s progress.

Do you have a passion for teaching?

We require that centers be owner-operated as you will take the most interest and pride in seeing your center grow and thrive.  Math and reading competency is mandatory as you will be the main instructor and will need to be able to explain concepts patiently to students using our methods and examples.  Your extra enthusiasm for education will help students want to be there.

Are you ready to be a business owner?

Being your own boss is wonderful, but there will be ups and downs. Do not expect to turn a profit immediately.  You need an entrepreneurial mindset with business sense.  You need to be a motivated leader ready to sell your services and work long hours when needed.  Prepare yourself to have uncomfortable conversations about late payments with clients or proper behavior and dress with employees.

Do you have the time to give to grow the business?

If you have young children, consider what you will do with your children while you are working at the center.  It is difficult to maintain a professional image with children who can interrupt and are obviously bored.  If you have a full-time job, think about when you will be able to devote time to your center.  Is your current job demanding and requiring overtime occasionally? Be realistic.  If you have both young children and a full-time job, you may want to reconsider starting at this time.

Did you answer yes to these questions?

Great!  You are an excellent candidate for a Gideon Math & Reading franchise.  Fill out our contact form and let’s get started on the discovery process!

Where can I open a center?

Centers must be at least a 10 minute driving distance from other existing retail centers.  We will approve locations based on what we believe to be viable options after checking the distances and other information about the area.  Email us to discuss options in your area or give us a call: 1-855-344-3366.

Do franchisees receive a territory?

Yes, franchisees receive a dynamic 10 minute driving distance radius from their retail center (or 5 min. for a non-retail location) as shown by Google Maps or another web-based mapping system.  We will reserve your general area for 3 months while you train.

How much does it cost to get started?

We require $100,000 in liquid assets to get started to cover initial costs.  Review the full list of fees HERE.

How long will it take to open?

If approved for a franchise, you should expect to open 8 months – 12 months after signing.  The length will depend greatly on how long the build-out takes.

Can I open multiple centers?

Once approved, you can open one center.  After being open at least two years and having an average monthly revenue four times that of your monthly rent (if in a commercial lease) or have an average of 50 subjects (if not in a commercial lease) for the previous six months, you may discuss with us about expanding into a 2nd center.  However, you must still be at each center 75% of the open hours, and your business plan will still have to be approved by a Gideon rep.

When does Gideon update its curriculum? Are there digital options?

Curriculum updates and expansion are continuously ongoing.  We are not developing digital options at this time as writing by hand is better overall for learning and aiding in memorization and increased brain activity.  Read more on this here.

How does Gideon help with marketing?

We will develop your website and brochure.  We create any ads as needed.  Also, we do a Google Ad Search marketing campaign for all centers.

What is the length of the franchise agreement?

5 years

How many hours per week are required?

You should expect to spend 20-25 hours per week and more as you grow.  Most hours will be when the center is open which is usually 2 to 3 afternoons per week along with one weekend morning.

May I open with a partner?

Yes, but the franchise agreement requires a named center director who will be on-site 75% of the time and has a controlling interest in the company.

Does Gideon offer financing?

No, we do not at this time.

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