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Work-Life Balance

With our education franchise opportunities in San Antonio, you can have a rewarding career and time for life. Gideon Math & Reading franchisees often find they can run a successful center in 20 to 25 hours per week. Centers are usually open three to four days per week, which gives you plenty of time for everything else you’re passionate about.

Mastery Standards

Mastery is the foundation of confidence. Children need to thoroughly understand one topic before they are introduced to another. Our math and reading centers in San Antonio use a curriculum that is designed to guide students step by step and let them—and you—know when it is time to move forward.

Exclusive Territory

With Gideon’s education franchise opportunity in San Antonio, you will have an exclusive territory, including everywhere within a 10-minute drive from your center. (Time is according to Google Maps. The drive distance is two minutes for non-retail locations.) This gives you confidence knowing you won’t have to worry about another franchise opening just down the street.

Gideon Math & Reading Centers Help All Kinds of Students

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Students Served: Special Needs to Advanced

In a traditional classroom, the teacher has to keep the whole classroom moving at the same pace. Some students will feel it is too slow, while others will feel left behind. Those forced to move on before they are ready will have gaps in their skills that result in problems later.

That’s where our math and reading centers in San Antonio can help. Our approach allows us to tailor material to the individual. We make sure there are no gaps, as students gain confidence by mastering one skill before moving on to the next.

Giving students a solid foundation in reading and math prepares them to pursue their dreams—whatever they turn out to be. A great way to help students prepare for the future is to invest in one of our education franchise opportunities in San Antonio. Contact us for more information.

1: Comfortable Starting Point
2: Step-by-Step Curriculum
3: Center visits 2x a week + HW for other days
4: Confidence Through Mastery
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