Tutoring Business Owner Turned Gideon Franchisee

Meet Curry of Garland, TX.

Curry wondered if opening a Gideon center was right for him.  He had a math tutoring business for older students for 10+ years but wanted to be able to offer more.  With Gideon’s proven system and expansive curriculum, Curry now also helps younger students succeed and has expanded into reading as well.

“Some of the kids I’ve had for 6-7 years where we’ve transition from … private tutoring (to Gideon).  I’m now starting to see the gaps.  I’m wishing I had done Gideon earlier.”

Do you relate to Curry’s story?  Can you see yourself enjoying taking your tutoring business to the next level? Let’s find out if franchising with Gideon would be a good fit.  We are looking for people passionate about lasting results for children’s education with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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