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About Gideon Math & Reading

Gideon Math & Reading Centers offer affordable learning systems that accelerate your child’s education by placing them on the right track for success.

How it works


We start with our FREE student evaluation to assess their individual needs, giving them a comfortable starting point to fill in any holes or gaps they may be experiencing at school.


Students receive daily, disciplined practice, much like piano, using Gideon’s step-by-step proprietary curriculum booklets, and continue at the student’s pace to ensure each step is mastered before moving on – creating a solid foundation.


Gideon Math & Reading builds confidence to make school and beyond EASY for your child. Sign up for our FREE student evaluation today, and get your child started for ACADEMIC SUCCESS with Gideon Math & Reading!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When starting a learning center, the location must be at least a 10-minute driving distance from other existing retail centers.  We will approve locations based on what we believe to be viable options after checking the distances and other information about the area.  Email us to discuss options in your area or give us a call: 1-855-344-3366.

Yes, retail franchisees receive a dynamic 10 minute driving distance radius from their center (or 2 min. for a non-retail franchisee) as shown by Google Maps or another web-based mapping system. We will reserve your general area for 3 months while you train.

When starting a learning center, initial investment starts at $43,500 for a non-retail franchise and $102,000 for a retail franchise.  Review the full list of fees HERE.

If approved for a retail franchise, you should expect to open 6 – 8 months after signing. The length will depend greatly on how long the build-out takes. If approved for a non-retail franchise, you should expect to open 3 – 6 months after signing.

Once approved, you can only start with one learning center. If you have a retail franchise, you may discuss with us your business plan about expanding into a 2nd center. However, you must still be at each center 50% of the open hours, and your business plan will still have to be approved by a Gideon rep.

Curriculum updates and expansion are continuously ongoing.  We are not developing digital options at this time as writing by hand is better overall for learning and aiding in memorization and increased brain activity.  Read more on this here.

We develop an opening plan for marketing as part of your opening kit. Also, we will develop your website page and brochure. We can create any ads – digital or otherwise – as needed. Also, we do a Google Ad Search marketing campaign for all centers.

5 years

You should expect to spend 20-25 hours per week when you first start the learning center and more as you grow. Most hours will be when the center is open which is usually 2 to 3 afternoons per week along with one weekend morning.

Yes, but the franchise agreement requires a named center director who will be actively involved and physically on-site 75% of the class time and has a controlling interest in the company.

No, we do not at this time.

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