Gideon Franchise Advantages

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Exclusive, Defined Territory

You don’t have to worry that another Gideon Math & Reading Center franchise will open next door. A 10-minute drive radius around your center is your exclusive territory. (We base this on Google Maps or a similar mapping program. Non-retail locations get a 2-minute radius.) Sometimes a construction project creates unusual driving times. Don’t worry; we’ll take that into account.

Exclusivity also extends to your materials. Our curriculum can’t be found in stores. As a franchisee, you’ll be the only source for these valuable resources in your neighborhood.

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10 Min. Territory
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Superior Curriculum

In the past couple of years, a move toward the greater use of screens in education has only accelerated. And yet we know that pencil and paper are more effective for children’s learning. The movement of the muscles of the hand in forming letters and numbers leads to greater engagement of the brain—and better retention. Pushing buttons and swiping screens just can’t compete.

We use colorful booklets that engage and challenge as they progress through the material step by step. Designed for ages 4 to 15, they target mastery at each level. With the quality curriculum we distribute to our math and reading center franchises, you’ll know exactly what to do with each student at your center.


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10 Min. Territory
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Work-Life Balance

You can gain a full-time reward with only a part-time work week. A typical center operates part of the day, three or four days a week. Many of our franchisees find they successfully operate their centers working 20 to 25 hours per week. If you have a passion for education and entrepreneurship but don’t want to live at the office, Gideon is a great choice for you.

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Work-Life Balance
Gideon Franchisee

Constant Support

Starting a learning center and marketing it can feel overwhelming. We give you what you need to make it easy. 

We work with you to develop a digital marketing plan that fits your goals. We’ll build a personalized webpage for your center and link to it from our main program website. We’ll also walk you through local marketing channels like school sponsorships and cross-promotion with businesses nearby. We provide design services for ads and mailers, and send packets of personalized brochures twice a year.

A key part of your marketing strategy is your grand opening event. We’ve been there before and will share best practices for what has worked for other centers. We’ll provide logistical support for things like finding a bounce house and following city ordinances. We’ll even be there in person to help make your day a success!

Marketing and Grand Opening Planning 

Along with local school sponsorships and cross-promoting with nearby businesses, we will help you develop a digital advertising plan that will be paced based on your desired growth. Also, we will build a personalized webpage for your center linked from the locations section of our main program website and send you packets of your personalized brochures twice a year.  We can design any banner, ad, or mailer you may need as well along the way.

We will help you organize your grand opening day events and needs.  We can design mailers for you, locate vendors for bounce houses, analyze landlord and city restrictions, and give advice as to what has worked well at past events.  We will also be there to help you through the busy day!

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Curriculum Updates and Expansion

Our excellent curriculum comes in a weekly format that makes lesson planning easy. Our careful progression through the material makes learning fun for students and a breeze for instructors.

As good as our curriculum is, our development team is constantly engaged in making it better. As a franchise owner, you’ll have access to our latest materials so you can be confident you’re using the best.

Are you getting excited about starting a learning center of your own? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our math and reading center franchise opportunities.

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