Gideon Franchise Advantages

Perfect for those who are passionate about education

Exclusive, Defined Territory

You will get an exclusive territory that is a ten minute driving distance (for retail only, non-retail is five minutes) based on a web-based mapping system such as Google Maps.  Any new center will have to open outside of that dynamic area.  If there is considerable construction causing temporary delays, we will take that into consideration.

Also Gideon materials will not be sold in stores so you as a franchisee have the non-exclusive right to purchase and use the proprietary materials in your licensed center.  Materials are only sold through our online store where you must be given a login.  You, however, do not have the right to resell or trade the materials except to other current franchisees.

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10 Min. Territory
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Superior Curriculum

While much of education is moving online, Gideon is sticking with what we know works best for children’s brains – pencil and paper.  The paper booklets are better for focus and eyesight, and the writing movements of the hand create long-term memories.  Typing or pushing buttons simply do not compare in these areas.  Our colorful, engaging, and rigorous booklets are laid out in a step-by-step organization for ages 4 – 15 with mastery standards to know when it is time to progress.  The systematic Gideon method makes running a center easy!

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10 Min. Territory
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Work-Life Balance

A part-time commitment is all that is required for a full-time reward.  Most centers are open 3-4 days per week for several hours.  Many franchisees only spend 20-25 hours per week working in the center.  If your passion is education and entrepreneurship, Gideon is the right choice!

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Work-Life Balance
Gideon Franchisee

Constant Support

We provide unlimited support through e-mail and our online forum.  Many e-mailed questions will be posted anonymously to the forum for all instructors.  We encourage you to ask questions there directly so other experienced instructors can give advice.  For last minute or very complex situations, feel free to give us a call for help and suggestions.

We also hold meetings every few months in Dallas for instructors to gather and discuss any problems, introduce new curriculum, and talk about new ideas and tips.  A conference is held every other year for several days in Dallas with center tours, retraining classes, testing videos, and previews of future curriculum.  This is a great time to connect and learn with other instructors.

Also, a Gideon representative will be at your center for its grand opening and every six months or so afterwards for a center visit for the first two years.  After that time period, you should expect a center visit once a year.  We will always notify you that we are coming. Our goal is to maintain the quality of the brand name and help you achieve your goals.

Marketing and Grand Opening Planning 

As part of your opening kit package, we will create a digital advertising plan that will be paced based for your desired growth. Also, we will build a personalized webpage for your center linked from the locations section of our main program website and send you packets of your personalized brochures twice a year.  We can design any banner, ad, or mailer you may need as well along the way.

We will help you organize your grand opening day events and needs.  We can design mailers for you, locate vendors for bounce houses, analyze landlord and city restrictions, and give advice as to what has worked well at past events.  We will also be there to help you through the busy day!

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Curriculum Updates and Expansion

Much of the program has been created, copyrighted, and produced by Gideon Learning, a separate publishing company owned by Wendy and Stephanie Coppedge.  The development is continuously ongoing to update our current materials and to expand the program.

All current franchisees have access to all booklets sold by Gideon Learning.  We have designed most materials into a weekly format to make lesson planning easy.

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