Gideon Curriculum Covers the TEKS

by | Sep 24, 2021

Did you know that our curriculum and lesson plans at Gideon cover almost all of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills) – the state standards required in Texas public schools?  While our students encounter them at their own pace rather than a specific time in the school calendar, they are covered all the same!  Review our charts below.  The dots indicate when one of the Gideon series covers a topic. Download all the TEKS curriculum charts here.

Gideon Alignment with Math TEKS

Gideon Alignment with Reading TEKS

Gideon Math & Reading franchisees know how well the step-by-step curriculum works for almost all students.  With the luxury of time that most schools do not have, Gideon centers are able to allow students to achieve true mastery of concepts and skills before moving on, building confidence with a solid foundation.  Our owners enjoy a work – life balance  while pouring their passion for educating youth into their businesses.  Let us know if you are interested in joining them!

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Stephanie Coppedge

As VP of Gideon Math & Reading, Stephanie has almost 20 years in the learning center / tutoring industry with the majority spent running the corporate center and franchising at Gideon Math & Reading.