Give Students a Do-over

The pandemic hit us all hard. Students are no exception. Virginia’s largest school system is grappling with the consequences of virtual learning. A Washington Post article reported that “[s]tudent achievement is seriously off track in [English and math] from what would have been expected based on past performance. According to the analysis, 35 percent of all Fairfax students are underperforming in math, and 39 percent are underperforming in English.”

Unfortunately, as an expert said in the article, “[t]he damage done to schoolchildren with scarce resources is likely to be irreparable. The best thing the nation can do would be to offer everyone a ‘do-over’.”

If you are passionate about helping children who are struggling in school, our learning center can help! We meet students where they are at. Center owners individualize the Gideon math and reading programs to match students’ pace and needs. By focusing on foundational skills and building to grade level and beyond, we offer students the ‘do-over’ to master concepts missed over the past year and a half.

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