Helping Special Ed Students: Your Calling

Special education and students who receive district-provided interventions have long been in the news, even before the pandemic started. It’s no wonder the pandemic made learning even more difficult for these students though. In fact, the Department of Education recently found that the Los Angeles Unified School District failed to adequately provide and track special education services during remote learning in the early school years of the pandemic.

This may be the first of many instances of the federal government’s cracking down on lackluster special education services. Although school districts were between a rock and a hard place with the pandemic, many parents feared “they were forced to largely go it alone, [and] fear[ed] lost academic and developmental progress for their children as a result.”

This situation highlights the need so many students in communities across the nation have. With Gideon’s emphasis on self-paced, individualized, and mastery-focused learning, students in and out of special education can get the help they need to be successful in school.

You can read more about this here.

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