High Dosage Tutoring Works

by | Jun 9, 2021

COVID-19 has disrupted the education of students nationwide. Studies show high-dosage tutoring, like Gideon’s Math & Reading programs, can get education back on track.  More than ever before, Gideon centers are needed to help students catch up, keep up, and stay ahead.  Major takeaways from the linked article include:

According to the study, high-dosage tutoring was 20 times more effective than low-dosage tutoring in math. In reading, high-dosage tutoring was 15 times more effective than low-dosage tutoring.


Slavin, the director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins, has also looked at high-quality tutoring studies with a focus on specific instructional programs and curricula. He shared two meta-analyses, submitted for publication at an academic journal, in which tutoring programs generally rise to the top, above most classroom-wide approaches and performing considerably better than high-tech interventions that use educational software.


The important thing, according to Slavin, is to have some training and a tested reading or math program for the tutors to follow. “One of the things that characterizes all successful tutoring programs is that they’re very structured,” said Slavin. “There are curricula that work better than others. But there are several that get good results.”


“Being an effective tutor is probably more about the structure of the tutoring program itself than the type of training tutors receive or whether the tutor is a recent college grad, teacher’s aid, or full-time teacher,” said Brown University’s Kraft, who has been publicly advocating for a national tutoring corps since 2015.  “The best training is on-the-job through consistent feedback from peers and supervisors, not a week-long crash course and then being left to sink or swim on your own.”

Gideon Math & Reading franchisees know how well the step-by-step curriculum works for almost all students.  With the luxury of time that most schools do not have, Gideon centers are able to allow students to achieve true mastery of concepts and skills before moving on, building confidence with a solid foundation.  Our owners enjoy a work – life balance  while pouring their passion for educating youth into their businesses.  Let us know if you are interested in joining them!

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Stephanie Coppedge

As VP of Gideon Math & Reading, Stephanie has almost 20 years in the learning center / tutoring industry with the majority spent running the corporate center and franchising at Gideon Math & Reading.