Universal Preschool Is Not the Solution We Thought It’d Be

by | Jun 10, 2022

Is universal preschool creating the results we all hoped? Unfortunately, two recent studies show it is not. The Hechinger Report explains, “In practice, as communities around the country offer free preschool to more and more tiny Americans, the results are uneven.”

This is a disappointing but eye-opening finding. For decades, we were all led to believe that universal pre-k could solve inequality, strengthen early learning skills, and a whole host of indicators of a successful adult. Yet, researchers of two different studies found that many preschools in the public school system had lower quality activities, less space for class, and poorly-trained teachers. Moreover, the researchers of one New York study found “[the young students] might have done better without preschool”.

Although this research is not what we would like to see, it does highlight areas of need that community members like you can improve. With Gideon, you can help students from 4 years and older get the low-ratio, mastery focused boost for school and their future. Your passion is needed now more than ever.

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